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Kentucky Equine Research kindly supports Liz with their great range of feed and also a selection of supplements from KER Targeted Nutrition.


Liz relies on the antioxidant supplement Nano-Q10™ to help her horses recover between phases. She also uses Bio-Bloom™ PS, EO-3™, EquiShure®, Restore® SR, RiteTrac®, and Synovate HA® to give her horses targeted nutritional support for optimal performance. 

KER Products 

Kentucky Equine Research makes an array of specialty nutrition products for horse owners. Each product has been carefully formulated to enhance the health and well-being of horses. KER is certified by FAMI-QS, an international quality and safety certification system for the animal feed industry, as well as other governing agencies. KER also performs routine in vivo quality control studies to ensure that all KER-affiliated feed ingredients and supplements are free from prohibited substances. 

Backed by science and preferred by veterinarians, KER products are designed with one goal in mind: to optimize the health of your horse.



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