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Liz has horses that she regularly competes along with horses that are for sale. Liz also works in partnership with Richard Sheane of Cooley Sport Horses in Ireland to form Cooley Horses International .


To learn more about all Liz's horses - including those belonging to the Cooley Horses International and those for sale please feel to browse the links below. 


Cooley Horses International is a partnership between Liz and Richard Sheane of Cooley Sport Horses in Ireland. The goal is to showcase world-class young horses carefully produced during the season, which will all travel to the USA at the end of each year in order to be prepared for sale.


The horses have been hand-picked for talent and suitability, extensively vetted, and are now being produced to the highest standard in Ireland and the UK. The aim is to sell top quality horses in an honest way and to “let the horses do the talking". The first 6 horses have been brought, produced and all sold with some incredible success. 

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