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Research and development for an UNCOMPROMISING advanced riding experience !

Created to serve the market of riding enthusiasts, Freejumpsystem is today a benchmark in terms of innovation and high-tech products designed for the performance, comfort and safety of both riders and horses.


Since its start in 2001, thanks to its close and continuous collaboration with the world’s best riders and its attentive response to the needs of amateur riders, Freejumpsystem has constantly improved the competitiveness of its products.

Today Freejump is the leader of high performance stirrups thanks to the performance of our single-branch technology. Freejump has also brought to the sport integrated riding shoes and half chaps, a concept in the limelight of the biggest Championships since 2007 (Ludger Beerbaum, Mannheim European Championships 2007).

Our riding shoes and chaps are often imitated but we are still the original brand defining equestrian new footwear standards with sports' footwear technology.


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