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Antarés Sellier

Driven by performance and the search for excellence, we conduct research with world-recognized equine health professionals and partner with international riders (World Champions and Olympians),


in all equestrian disciplines. Our methods, knowledge and unique technology continue to evolve through our shared and passionate experience, so we can provide both horse and rider the ultimate performance. Our team of saddle-makers, engineers, and sales representatives is the best in their profession.


Our research lab has created the DTA50* panels as well as the first memory foam panels, for which our team is very proud.  We work with the best leather suppliers and we are constantly evolving our line of saddle, helmets, bridles and accessories.  Antarès is regularly innovating, both esthetically and technologically, to serve our sport to its best performance.


Today, Antarès is present in 18 countries throughout the world.


(*DTA50 panels evenly distribute the weight of the rider across the horse’s back.)


Contact: USA
Tel: 301-421-1160
Toll free : 800-250-9284



Contact: UK

Tel : +44 77 53 315 800


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